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Land Management Services

Our company, Grant Contractors LLC, provides a wide range of services. We are an “All in one” for land management. Our expertise starts with Clearing, Grading, and Excavating. Other services we specialize in include Drainage Solutions, Fencing, Hardscapes, and Concrete  - all guaranteed to meet & exceed expectations. 

Whether it is a small project or a large job - we are here for all of your property improvements! 

We value our ability to bring our clients vision to life while working with them every step of the way. 

Honest. Trustworthy. Reliable. 

We take great pride in our work and pride in our name. 

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Residential + Commercial 

We are environmental friendly on all of our projects, we are sure to protect the environment with our erosion control measures. We ensure proper precautions to get the job done safety and without any harm to our environment. 

After completion, we provide the essentials for proper vegetation, leaving the foundation for growth. 

We will accommodate any HOA requirements for any of your property improvements. 

Family owned and family operated, whether it is working with commercial or residential, we always intend to complete our projects in a timely manner with the highest level of quality. Our goal is to always have our customer’s satisfaction. 

Here at Grant Contractors - we will always grant you excellence! 


We have over ten years of experience, reliable equipment, skilled operators and an exceptional team that we utilize to get the job done effectively and efficiently for any of your Earth moving needs! 

•Land Clearing

•Tree Removal 

•Grading for Residential Sites   

•Grading for Commercial Sites

•Stump Removal 

•Forestry Mulching 

•Environmental Control 

•Driveway Installation and Repair 

•Pond Installation and Repair

•Dirt Bike Trails and Tracks



Have land you would like developed into farmland? We can help with the necessities to get your farm started - open areas, fencing, & shelter! We’ll get livestock in your pastures as soon as possible! Our Forestry Mulching service is ideal for pasture restoration. Not only is it environmental friendly, it helps soil erosion, raises PH levels and lowers soil acidity - which benefits the soil in addition to creating a more desirable landscape all while taking the environment into consideration. 

•Horse Arena 

•New Pasture

•Pasture clearing

•Pasture Restoration 

•Pasture Fencing 

•Shed Construction

•Barn Construction



Whether you would like a small or large pond designed, a pond repair, or an expansion, we work together with our clients in order to manage their expectations and deliver the kind of results they desired. 

•Pond Installation

•Pond Repair

•Pond Expansion

•Pond Bank Clearing



Our Forestry Mulching service produces zero waste. Eliminating the need to burn & haul off, which helps keep our county dump clear of unnecessary debris as well! This service also can rid you of the invasive Kudzu and other unwanted vegetation by eliminating it at its source - its roots! Which after being ground up then becomes nutrients and assists in healthy growth of more desirable plants! All while clearing your land and creating open areas or pathways! A great eco friendly alternative option to clear your land! 
•Property Lines 

•Shooting Lanes 

•Under Brush 


•Right-of-way Maintenance 

•Pasture Clearing 



After discovering the route of the water issues, we determine the most effective drainage solution. We may need to improve the grade or you may benefit from having a French drain installed. We work diligently to solve any water issues and are sure to divert the water properly.

•French Drain 

•Catch Basin

•Rip Rap 

•Improve the Grade 

•Drainage Ditch

•Rain Garden 

•Down Spout Extension 



Our new driveway installations are complete with Clearing, Grading, Proper run off, Culvert installation, and your choice of top finish. Whether you need a completely new driveway installed, a couple extra parking spaces, or a load of gravel added to give your driveway a clean refresh - we are here to help with all of your driveway necessities!

•Driveway Installation 

•Driveway Refresh 

•Driveway Repair 

•Culvert Installation 

•Ditch Excavation 

•Driveway Expansion 

•Parking Area

•Gravel Driveways 

•Concrete Driveways 



We work together with our client, as well as any HOA, to determine the area and fence type that would be most beneficial and desirable. Residential and Commercial, we accommodate our clients landscape fencing desires. 

•Privacy fence

•Aluminum fence 

•Pasture fence 

•Chain Link



Our Hardscapes are fully customizable, we work together with our clients to create the design for their hardscape options. Whether it is a couple raised flower beds, a retaining wall, or a fire pit on the patio - we are here & ready to start construction! We make sure to successfully complete our work on time and within budget, leaving you with a gorgeous new addition to your landscape! 

•Retaining Wall

•Fire Pit 

•Raised Flower Bed



Our concrete services include patios & walkways with the option of stamping with your choice of design and color tint. 

Whether you would like a custom patio or driveway, we are here for any of your concrete needs. 




•Driveway Expansion 

•Parking Areas 


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